River Romance Dinner Cruises History 

In the beginning River Romance Dinner Cruises started with a Two Person boat.  Nobody knew about them then, but now people find River Romance from half-way across the world and call to book a dinner cruise when they visit the Northstate......they are in fact a pretty unique business, even in the entire United States. 

Owner, Todd LeBoeuf, was born to be on the water.  From the time he could walk he was out fishing with his grandpa and at a fairly young age started his own fishing guide business (Tiger T's Guide Service).  Of course eventually it was inevitable that Todd would find another way to be "out on the water", and because he's a real people-person, River Romance Dinner Cruises was born in 2001.  In May of that same year he took his then girlfriend Linnea, out on their first date...and where else would he take her?  On the dinner cruise, of course!!  She was very impressed that a man would start such a business....who would think, right ladies?? So, as history would have it, they were married one year later and the River Romance Dinner Cruise business changed....just a little bit!  No more paper napkins or mismatched silverware.....duh!  Linnea set about to change all that.... River Romance began using cloth napkins (each with the same pattern...lol) and the silverware matches.   

Several years after River Romance was well underway, it was decided a larger boat was needed, so they added one which would seat a party of 4 or 5 (sometimes even 6).  So now a family, two couples or a group of friends could enjoy the truly unique experience of dining on the river.  A little while later, they decided to add brunch cruises during the Spring and Fall months (when it's a tad cooler).  These additions took River Romance Cruises to a whole new level.  Many people from around the state, around the country and around the world now have become part of the River Romance family......And so can YOU!!! 

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